"Joy to the customers. That's our joy." is Cosme Proud's motto.
On 2006, Cosme Proud USA, Inc. was established in United States, and on 2010, Cosme Proud Japan, Inc. was established in Ginza,  Japan.
Immediately, Cosme Proud's products have been highly rated in USA, Japan and among many other countries.

By maximizing my accumulated know-how on cosmetics industry, we are pursuing for the best skin care products by utilizing the latest technologies, creative concepts, and the best ingredients for skin thoroughly, and have been keeping continuous and  steady effort on it.
We have developed one characteristic product per year since our opening. And our fulfilling skin care line which had been initiated from Gold Revitalizer has 9 brilliant items now.

Currently in USA, we have our direct store at Limelight Shops, and our products have been being sold at luxury cosmetics stores and spas.
In Japan, our products have been being sold at Mitsukoshi-Isetan Department Store (catalog sales for exclusive customers), and high-class boutiques such as Estnation. Also they have been being sold/utilized at premium spas such as "Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi", and the prestige esthetic clinics.
50 is the new young! The main question facing women today is how to look youthful and at their best at 50 and forever have a glowing and young skin.
At Cosme Proud, we bring our precious products to customers who are committed to being a beautiful woman at any age.
Our top-of-the-line products are for those pursuing serious skincare and maintaining young skin in older years. We are confident that your every need will be met with our array of products.
Please let us serve to bring you healthier and brighter skin. We sincerely hope that.

We, Cosme Proud is evolving with nonstop effort to the future, and we look forward to seeing your continuous patronizing.
Cosme Proud USA, Inc. Cosme Proud Japan, Inc.
President & CEO Katsuya Araki

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